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Developing the Future: Creating an Immersive AI Metahuman Experience with Cutting-Edge Technology

by Runninghill Software Development
Published on: 6/19/2024

In the ever-changing realm of technology, businesses often find themselves missing skills and having to go through hiring processes to fill gaps. Introducing Runninghill’s newest creation: The Swiss-army-developer—everything you need in one convenient package.


  1. Sharing the Repository: Due to a lack of knowledge at the time, we struggled to share the repository efficiently because of its size.
  2. Software Update Limitations: Different versions of the Unreal Engine had various advantages. Ideally, one would build or improve from the previous version to the next, but in some instances, they replaced certain capabilities with others, which made it difficult to decide where to compromise.
  3. Modelling Issues: Once modelling of the test subject was complete, we ran into issues:
    • Her head was popping off when she spoke.
    • She wouldn’t blink.
    • We used blueprints instead of learning C++, which initially was easy, but debugging and configuring became unnecessarily complex as the project neared completion.
  4. Backend Communication Overlooked: Due to spending too much time on the above issues, we overlooked or ran out of time to fix easy things like backend communication. This should have been part of the proof of concept.
  5. Food and Efficiency: In a hackathon, managing food intake is crucial for efficiency. While a lot of water is good, stress often leads to cravings for sugar, caffeine, and carbs, which are not sustainable for great performance over time. Sleep, a privilege most don’t have during hackathons, also impacts efficiency.


We are developing a cutting-edge application that leverages the latest technologies to create an immersive and intelligent user experience. Our app of the future features an AI metahuman, powered by Unreal Engine 5, with the backend supported by Node.js and PostgreSQL for robust data traffic and storage.

In summary, our app of the future combines the power of AI, advanced rendering technologies, and a robust backend infrastructure to deliver an innovative and seamless user experience. Through intelligent interactions and data-driven decision-making, users can effortlessly create leads or policies, revolutionising the way they engage with and benefit from our application.


  1. Enhanced Collaboration: Improved repository management led to better collaboration and efficiency among team members.
  2. Balanced Software Capabilities: Successfully navigated the challenges of different Unreal Engine versions, ensuring the best features were utilised.
  3. Resolved Modelling Issues: Addressed the critical issues with the AI metahuman, enhancing the overall user experience.
  4. Improved Backend Integration: Recognized the importance of backend communication, paving the way for future implementations to be more thorough.
  5. Better Hackathon Strategy: Gained insights into managing food intake and stress during hackathons, leading to more sustainable performance in future projects.

Through overcoming these challenges, we have laid a strong foundation for future developments, ensuring that our cutting-edge application will continue to evolve and provide exceptional user experiences.


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