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Modernising a Legacy: Transforming Digital Infrastructure for a Leading Insurance Company

by Runninghill Software Development
Published on: 6/19/2024

A leading insurance company brought us in to help with modernization of their digital landscape through building new web front ends, microservices, and cloud migration.


  1. Expertise in Legacy Systems: Working on legacy systems requires expert developers and the ability to rapidly understand the processes in the business.
  2. Outdated On-Prem Infrastructure: Maintaining outdated on-prem infrastructure is difficult and expensive.
  3. Incomplete DevOps Processes: Incomplete DevOps processes require a lot of manual intervention for deployments.
  4. Legacy Web Applications: Legacy web applications were hard to maintain and develop for.


  1. Migration of DevOps Processes to a Modern Framework: We were part of a team that spearheaded the migration of all DevOps processes to a modern platform. This included migrating code repositories from outdated source control systems to a unified repository and building pipelines to automate builds and releases. Additionally, we helped define the ways of work for the technical teams within an agile framework.
  2. Migration of On-Prem Applications to Cloud: We assisted with migrating existing applications from on-prem infrastructure to a cloud platform.
  3. Modernization of the Web Portal: Our teams are building a new, modern front end for the client using industry-standard technologies, helping bring the client into a new digital future.
  4. Maintenance of Existing Legacy Systems: We continue to assist the client in maintaining legacy systems while the new digital landscape is being built.


  1. Company-Wide Standardization of DevOps Practices: Achieved company-wide standardisation of DevOps practices.
  2. New Front End Portals: Developed new front end portals that are faster, easier to maintain, and more robust.
  3. Faster Fault-Finding on Legacy Systems: Improved fault-finding processes on legacy systems.
  4. Cloud-First Approach: Established a cloud-first approach to building new applications.

These efforts have paved the way for a more efficient, scalable, and modern digital landscape for the insurance company, ensuring they remain competitive in the digital age.


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