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From Chaos to Clarity: Streamlining a Complex Lead Management System for Operational Excellence

by Runninghill Software Development
Published on: 6/19/2024

Transforming complexity into clarity: How Runninghill’s strategic overhaul of a lead management system propelled one of South Africa’s largest insurance companies from operational chaos to peak performance in production.


  1. Over-Engineered Architecture: The initial solution incorporated an array of advanced technologies, including microservices, event-driven architecture, and containerization, without clear necessity, complicating the architecture beyond the project’s requirements.
  2. Inadequate Monitoring and Logging: Insufficient resources were allocated to monitoring and logging, limiting the ability to track system performance and troubleshoot issues effectively.
  3. Mismanaged Automated Testing: Automated tests were improperly executed directly in the production environment, creating millions of test records in the production database.
  4. Database Performance Bottlenecks: Suboptimal implementation of database operations led to significant performance degradation during data read and write operations.
  5. Cache Hydration Issues: Incorrect caching strategies resulted in overly complex cache hydration processes that impacted system performance.
  6. Unstable Connections: Inadequate implementation practices led to instability in connections to key services, jeopardising system reliability.


  1. Streamlining the Architecture: Simplified the architecture by removing redundant technologies and ensuring essential components, like microservices and containerization, were justified based on specific requirements.
  2. Enhanced Monitoring and Logging: Implemented flexible logging solutions and robust log management and monitoring tools to provide real-time visibility and improve issue resolution capabilities.
  3. Automated Test Regulation: Established a dedicated staging environment to prevent disruptions in the production environment and ensure thorough, non-invasive automated tests.
  4. Optimising Database Interactions: Revised data access strategies and query formulations to optimise database operations, reducing load and improving response times.
  5. Caching Strategy Overhaul: Eliminated the existing caching mechanism in favour of direct database calls, simplifying the architecture and enhancing system performance and stability.
  6. Stabilising Connections: Developed custom packages to enhance connection stability with automated retry mechanisms, persistent session handling, and error tracking, standardising communication protocols across the system.


  1. Simplified and Effective Architecture: Reduced complexity and eliminated unnecessary components, facilitating easier maintenance and improving system performance and scalability.
  2. Robust Monitoring and Logging: Real-time visibility and rapid issue resolution were achieved through advanced logging and monitoring tools, minimising downtime and improving user satisfaction.
  3. Enhanced Database Performance: Direct database calls replaced problematic caching strategies, resulting in more stable and consistent performance with improved data processing speeds.
  4. Reliable Communication Channels: Stabilised key service connections ensuring dependable data flow and communication across services, supporting high availability and scalability.
  5. Operational Readiness and Future Scalability: The transformed system meets current operational demands and is well-prepared for future enhancements, allowing for continuous development and scaling without compromising performance.

Through these strategic interventions, Runninghill not only rescued a faltering project but also laid a strong foundation for ongoing enhancements and growth. The system is now stable, efficient, and poised for future expansions, ensuring it continues to meet evolving business needs.


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