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Advancing Educational Technology: Transforming Mathematics Tutoring with an Integrated Bot Solution

by Runninghill Software Development
Published on: 6/19/2024

Our collaborative endeavour aimed to streamline school finances with efficient fee collection, ensure engaged learning with AI-driven blended education, support educators with robust professional development tools, and monitor school performance with real-time insights—all in one accessible, offline-ready Student Information System (SIS) solution.


  1. Technical Integration with Messaging Platform: Facilitated by a leading messaging integration company, several technical hurdles surfaced, including the absence of error logs, a code debugger, rudimentary linting capabilities, and the lack of an automated process for deploying changes from staging to production.
  2. Content Management: Initially managed through spreadsheets, the expanding curriculum became cumbersome to oversee with multiple variants and versions.
  3. Code Repository Management: Direct placement of front-end code onto the integration interface necessitated a separate code repository for managing changes, but manual transfer of approved code hindered seamless deployment.


  1. Enhanced Technical Implementation: Significant updates improved registration processes, onboarding procedures, UX design, and conversation flows. Introduced a full maths menu accessible via the messaging platform and integrated an answers interpretation API for real-time assessment.
  2. Content Management System: Developed a bespoke CMS using a robust framework, replacing spreadsheets and empowering the content team to efficiently manage, edit, and incorporate new maths content.
  3. Dedicated Messaging Lines: Implemented dedicated lines for distinct purposes: research and assessment, stakeholder demos, public-facing users, and in-school user lines for the educational network.


  1. Enhanced User Experience and Conversation Flow: Significant strides in refining the user experience and optimising conversation flows ensured smoother and more intuitive interactions.
  2. Improved User Navigation: Efforts improved user navigation within the application, enhancing accessibility and seamless movement through various features.
  3. App Stability: Measures bolstered application stability, minimising disruptions and enhancing overall reliability.
  4. Enhanced Content Management: Overhauled content management processes led to more efficient handling, organisation, and updating of content.
  5. Substantial Increase in User Base: Strategic enhancements and improvements resulted in a significant expansion of the user base.
  6. Refined Messaging Line Management: Implemented a refined approach to messaging line management with dedicated lines for specific purposes, optimising management and communication channels for each segment.

These strategic efforts have transformed the tutoring bot solution, fostering a user-friendly, efficient, and robust system that supports educators and enhances the learning experience for students.


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