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Creating a Vite Federated Frontend Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

by Alex Ellis
Published on: 5/21/2024

Creating a Vite Federated Frontend Application: A Step-by-Step Guide


Micro-frontends (MFs) have gained popularity as a way to split large applications into smaller, more manageable pieces. With the introduction of Webpack 5’s Module Federations, building micro-frontends has become even easier. In this tutorial, we’ll create a Vite federated frontend application using npm, React.js, and Tailwind CSS.


Before we begin, make sure you have the following installed:

  • Node.js (npm)
  • Yarn (optional but recommended)

Step 1: Setting Up the Host Application

  1. Create a new Vite project for the host application:
    npm create vite@latest host-app --template react
  2. Navigate to the project directory
    cd host-app

Step 2: Creating a Micro-Frontend

  1. Inside the host-app directory, create a new directory for your micro-frontend:
    mkdir vite && cd vite
  2. Generate a Vite project for your micro-frontend:
    yarn create vite pokemons-list --template react-ts
  3. Install necessary packages for your micro-frontend:
    cd pokemons-list yarn add jotai 

Step 3: Configuring Module Federations

  1. In your vite.config.ts file (located in the pokemons-list directory), configure the federation plugin:
    host app vite config
  2. Create your micro-frontend components and state in the src folder.

Step 4: Consuming the Micro-Frontend

  1. Create another Vite project for your host application (e.g. pokemon-home)
  2. Configure the federation plugin in the host application’s vite.config.ts:
    Remote app vite config
  3. Import and use the exposed components in your host application.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up a Vite federated frontend application using Module Federations. Feel free to explore more features and build additional micro-frontends as needed.

I hope you find this blog helpful! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below. Happy coding! 😊


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