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About us

We are a group of passionate developers specialising in native mobile software development and cloud back ends

Mobile apps

We do Android, iOS and Windows phone apps using native programming languages such as Java, Objective-C, Swift and C#. We strive to find a balance between brilliantly designed applications and an application that is easy to use and understood by the user.

Some of the keywords that would best describe our approach

1. Agile
2. Layered architecture
3. Beautiful UX
4. Disruptive innovation

Server side development

Node.js is our technology of choice when doing server side development. The speed at which it executes compliments the nature of web and native apps alike.

We use some of the following platforms and technologies for backend development.

1. Microsoft Azure
2. Google Cloud
3. REST & Websockets
4. Node.js & Express
5. SQL Server
6. DocumentDB & MongoDB

Runninghill software development

Runninghill software development